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September 5, 2017

Is Wine Medicine?

First and foremost I want to apologize to my regular readers for not having posted anything for two months. I had some health issues which kept me away from the keyboard; hopefully I will be able to return to a more regular schedule now.

Speaking of health issues, the website jenreviews.com did some extensive research on that matter, and came up with 15 reasons why wine is good for you - medically speaking. Here they are:

1. Drinking wine supports longevity of life
2. Drinking wine helps keep your heart healthy
3. Drinking wine can help reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes
4. Wine has been found to have anticancer effects
5. The nutrients in wine can prevent Alzheimer's disease
6. Drinking wine can keep depression at bay
7. Drinking wine can give you a healthier skin
8. Drinking wine reduces the risk of fatty liver disease
9. Drinking wine can help prevent obesity
10. Wine can help reduce the risk of stroke
11. Drinking wine helps boost your body's defenses
12. Drinking wine strengthens the bones
13. Wine can protect your teeth against dental plaque
14. Drinking wine can improve your eyesight
15. Wine can help prevent gallstones

Jacky Miller went to great lengths in finding the scientific evidence for all these claims, and provides the relevant links in her blog - a very nice and complete job. Must read!

Being a regular and more or less moderate wine drinker I wonder why I have any health issues at all!


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