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June 14, 2017

Only in California:
A Professional Ballpark Vineyard

After having been at a winery where there once was a gas station (see Unusual Places - The Stonehaus) I am really not that surprised about where else Californians will grow wine.

The Sacramento River Cats are the professional Triple-A team of the San Francisco Giants and play in West Sacramento. Their home games are at Raley Field which is said to be one of the nicest ballparks in America.

The Bogle Family Vineyards is a sixth generation family-run enterprise with over 1600 acres under vine in the Sacramento River delta region. Bogle wines are known pretty much nationwide.

So why not have a vineyard at the baseball park of your home team?

Well, Bogle went ahead and planted Cabernet Sauvignon grapes right behind the left field wall on an 85' x 16' space. The site is expected to produce wine in 2019 and yield close to 300 bottles of wine. Bogle hopes the product will be good enough to be a ''home run'' and become a featured wine!

I am sure all 300 bottles will be bought up by the local fans, and you and I will never get to try any!

Come to think of it - maybe they should sell it at the ballpark during games. I can see it now: Hot dogs, nachos, and a Cab, that's what California baseball is all about!

Raley Field
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