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April 19, 2017

The Export Marketing of Organic Wines

A post about organic wines has been on my list of topics for a while, and when I received an invitation from a group of some vintners in Spain to write about them and their organic and biodynamic wines I thought that may be a good opportunity. As it turns out this posting will be more about their marketing approach rather than about organic wines

The group consists of eight small to medium independent growers of organic wines from different regions of Spain who got together to promote themselves and their common causes as a group and thus get wider exposure. They called their affiliation Medganic (Mediterranean Organic) and obviously believe that there is marketing strength in numbers!

If you browse through their website you will find some interesting stories about the eight wineries and the one distillery in the group. Apart from well known grapes such as Tempranilllo, Grenache and Chardonay you will find some you probably never heard of: Pansa Blanca, Picapoll, Marselan, Sumoll, Xarello and Mencia.

Medganic is actively looking for importers in the USA. I hope they find one soon because I'd like to try some of their wines - not to mention the Orujo - my regular readers know that I have a weakness for distilled spirits with a link to wine.

Click here for the Medganic.com website.
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