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April 12, 2017

Winedabbler's Moments in History

Long before I started the Winedabbler I had an experience not many will ever have: A wine tasting not just in the tasting room, but also in the wine cellars where, equipped with a wine thief, we sampled several wines straight out of the barrel.

It happened in March of 2000 when we visited Andrea Wolf, a dear friend who was my wife's roommate in Venezuela when we first met. Andrea and her husband (both are in the picture) had moved to St. Helena in the Napa Valley, and she was working in sales for the Folie à Deux winery.

There are wineries that do cellar tours; we've done that a number of times, but actually tasting wine underground is an esoteric experience.

As you can see by my expression I refused to spit out the wines after tasting.

Note: Of course you know what esoteric means. If you don't I'll save you the trouble of having to Google it; just click here.

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