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March 22, 2017

The Punt

A punt is not only a football play, or a flat-bottom small boat, or a huge shotgun, it is also the indentation at the bottom of most red wine bottles - and certainly of all sparkling wines.

There are quite a few theories about the origins of the punt; in my opinion the most plausible is this one: The first thick glass bottles were hand blown. Since the tendency of blown glass is to be round like a balloon a steel rod called ''pontil'' was pushed into the bottle from the bottom while the glass was still soft. This created the punt which gave the bottle a flat ring shape bottom and enabled the bottle to stand upright without tipping over.

Nowadays bottles are machine blown into molds, but the punt remains, and thus all kinds of ''reasons'' for the continued existence of the punt came to be. Below are some - with the Winedabbler's opinion:

In any case, never try to punt a wine bottle football style. It will hurt.

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