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March 15, 2017

The joys and frustrations of shopping for wine

  1. You go to a wine store.
  2. You are overwhelmed by the selection of thousands of different wines from hundreds of regions.
  3. You take a deep breath.
  4. You check your Vivino or your notes (or your memory if you still have a good one) to help you recall the wines you liked.
  5. You look for them.
  6. You finally find one wine you know you like.
  7. You get a few bottles of it.
  8. You look for others and then give up because the wines you like are no longer available, have a different vintage, or are available only in varietals you don't like.
  9. You look around to see if there is anything you recognize. I mean anything.
  10. You finally decide to focus on countries or regions or varietals or vintners you think you know a little about.
  11. You pick up a few random bottles of wines you've never seen before.
  12. You take them home to try.
  13. You find out that there are some you really like and others you like less.
  14. You take note of the wines you liked and decide to get some more.
  15. Return to step 1.


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