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December 8, 2016


Looking into tannins was probably the most boring research I have done for the Winedabbler. I guess if you are into chemistry it could be a turn on to see all the different polyphenolic biomolecules that make up tannins, but for me that's a turn-off.

Tannins occur naturally in the skin, seeds and stems of grapes. Vintners love them because they are natural antioxidants - which also is a good thing for us humans.

Most wines, and particularly red wines, contain some level of tannins. Since tannins affect the taste of wine (and can increase your chances of getting a hangover) I decided to look into tannins anyway.

Tannins make wines ''dry'' - that dry feeling in your mouth. This is most noticeable in Cabernet Sauvignons; they tend to have the highest level of tannins.

I would not be surprised if a Cabernet Sauvignon that is very tannic could make your mouth pucker and thus could make men look like Donald Trump and women like Marilyn Monroe.

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