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November 13, 2016

The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard does in-home wine tasting parties; it is an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) operation. My opinion about MLMs in general is at the bottom of this posting.

The party was hosted by my good friend Shannon, and the lovely Cristin was our Wine Guide; there were about 10 guests.

Cristin started out by explaining that all her wines were boutique wines from all over the world purchased exclusively by and for The Traveling Vineyard from small producers, and then custom labeled - therefore these wines could not be found anywhere else. Cristin then gave a nice introduction to wine tasting - color, legs, nose, taste and pairings using a Vigonier as the sample wine.

After these basics we strolled with glass in hand to blind taste four additional wines at four different stations - two rosés (a dry and a sweet one), a Malbec, and a red blend from Upstate NY. Each wine was in a bag identified with a number, and each wine had some edibles next to it that served as sample pairing.

After tasting all the wines we gathered for the ''revealing'' of the wines, and of course for the opportunity to purchase some for home delivery. All the wines were priced slightly under $20.00

As an overall experience it was a nice event, and I liked (and ordered) two of the total of five wines sampled; the others were simply not my style.

If you'd like to experience this different way to taste wines, please contact Cristin to arrange it. I wish her a lot of success with this venture.

I will continue to get most of my wine the traditional way - from my favorite wine stores.

As a Marketing Consultant for over 30 years I have never met one single person who obtained any success even vaguely resembling what is promised during the usually well staged hype of the MLM recruiting meetings, and most of them have quit after a few months. I could elaborate on the details of why MLM is usually a losing proposition, but I won't - after all this is ''the lighter side of wine'' blog and not a marketing course!

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Date: November 22, 2016
By: jojomojo, New Rochelle, NY
Posting: The Traveling Vineyard
Your Comment:
I saw your blog post after searching this company name. It seems your review was more of a gripe against MLM's than a real review of the overall tasting experience. I only mention this as I am a teacher, and evaluate all reviews with a skeptical eye.
Were the wines good or not? Was the wine sales lady good or not? What I got from your review was that the wines were good, the event was good but you just don't see MLM's as successful. I really cant find anything useful to evaluate the tasting experience.
What were you reviewing? The event or MLMs? Just giving my very outside perspective on your piece.