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September 14, 2016

Wine Flavored Chocolate

The Winedabbler received some pre-production samples of wine flavored chocolates for evaluation.

Joe Woerly is the founder of Vineyard Chocolatiers. He created his chocolates using cocoa from Venezuela - and having lived there for many years I know they grow great cocoa. Joe developed a Merlot flavored dark chocolate, a Cabernet Sauvignon dark chocolate and a Chardonnay white chocolate, and he is now ready to go into mass production.

Four of us tasted all three flavors - with some wine of course. The chocolates tasted more like, well, chocolates than wine, and I presume that's a good thing, just like the Merlot cheese tasted more like cheese than Merlot. All three flavors are quite delicious and very creamy, and they do have a ''different'' taste. We liked all three flavors - and that vote was unanimous.

Joe is planning a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds necessary to go to mass production.

The Winedabbler will probably invest a few bucks. Seems a lot safer than the current stock market.

For more info on this project email vineyardschocolates@gmail.com

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