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September 7, 2016

Unusual Places - Cocothé

I have been to places like this before in New York City and Zürich, but certainly not in the Pittsburgh area!

Dining at Cocothé in Sewickley, PA, is not getting a meal, but having a culinary experience. It is a ''prix fixe'' place; you select a first course from a row of choices; you select a second course from the next row, and then your main course from the third row.

Before you get what you ordered two mini appetizers followed by a palate cleansing two-flavor smoothie are served. Then you get what you ordered.

The first courses we ordered included Pickled Beets, Oysters, Carpaccio and Caviar, the second course included Lobster, Pork Belly and Foie Gras, and as a main course we ordered Lamb, Buffalo Tenderloin and Sea Bass. All portions are very small, exquisitely presented and very, very tasty - Cocothé is definitely about quality, not quantity.

May I say that all eight of us were totally impressed by the overall experience; it was good enough to make you (almost) forget that you just relieved yourself of $74.00/person for the food alone.

Cocothé has a full bar and a nice selection of wines; we brought our own wines and decided to pay the $20.00 corking fee per bottle.

As best as I know there is no other place like it in this area; it is expensive, but we all felt that we got our money's worth. The Winedabblers will certainly go back for special occasions - no doubt about it.

Contact info:
Cocothé • 541 Beaver St. • Sewickley, PA 15143
Phone: 412-259-8847
Website: cocothe.com

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