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Augut 31, 2016

Frozen Daiquiri Mishap

It was a warm summer's evening, so we invited our friends and neighbors Roe and Ray over for pre-dinner frozen daiquiris at 6:30pm.

The recipe is simple: Throw 6 oz of frozen lemonade and 6 oz of white rum in a blender, add ice (preferably crushed) until the blender is about 2/3 full. Run blender at high speed. If the mixture is too liquidy, add ice. If the mixture is too thick, add rum. Pour into 4 short glasses, add thick party straws cut in half, voilá!

At least that was the plan. I started about 10 minutes before our guests were to come. All went according to plan until the moment I turned on the blender; I had left a spoon in there, and after some awful noises the spoon cracked the blender bowl and the whole kit'n caboodle spilled all over (click on image on the left side).

Now we were without daiquiris, without a blender, with a mess in the kitchen, and with guests waiting at the big winetable for their frozen treat. It was time to panic.

In a moment of lucidity I thought we could use the Nutri-Bulllet smoothie maker instead of the blender.

Faithie retrieved the bowl from the dishwasher, gave it a quick rinse out, and I threw in the rest of the lemonade, added a more or less equal amount of rum, filled it with ice to the ''maximum'' mark and gave the thing a run for its money.

We got four small not-so-frozen daiquiris with some bonus blackberry seeds from the previous smoothie.

They were small, but delicious, and unlike with the fully frozen daiquiris, nobody had a brain freeze.

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Date: September 12, 2016
By: Roe, Pittsburgh, PA
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Love the improvisation!! AND quick thinking! ;)