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June13, 2016


Sake, the Japanese national drink, is often referred to as "rice wine", but it is not a wine at all; its fermentation process is closer to brewing than winemaking. In winemaking the yeast of the fruit converts sugar to alcohol; rice has no yeast, so the first step is to convert starch to sugar, and the second step is to add yeast to create alcohol. But enough of technical mumbo-jumbo.

Outside of Japan (and I guess in Japan too) Sake is usually consumed in Japanese restaurants with Japanese food, just like wine would be consumed with any food in any other restaurant. But beware: Sake has a higher alcohol content than wine and beer! If undiluted it has 18% to 20% alcohol; that's 1 1/2 times as much as wine, and 3 times the power of beer!

I like Sake in small quantities and, yes, with Japanese food in a Japanese Restaurant. I enjoyed it most during my visits to Japan.

We have no Sake at home, and I still don't know if I prefer it cold or warm.


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