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June 29, 2016

Electoral Wines

Depending on your political orientation you now can get a wine that matches it: Donkey Wine or Elephant Wine. Each bottle, like any politician worth his digestive byproducts, is wearing a tie. The tie has a sound chip which explains each party's real platform in a nutshell. To fully understand please play the videos on the left.

Donkey Wine Tasting Notes: Something is just not quite right with the nose of this wine. Taste is convincing and full of gender identity, but there are unbelievable aftertastes that lead you to believe there is a lot more hidden in this wine than you will ever know.

Elephant Wine Tasting Notes: You will detect a strong nose of hair spray, and it's scent makes your mouth pucker. The most noteworthy taste characteristic of this wine can be described as ''shifty''; every time you take a sip it tastes a little different.

Both wines seem to be highly antagonistic: If you like one you will probably hate the other. A third option is not available.

Note: The above comments reflect the opinion of the Winedabbler and do not necessarily match those of anyone else.

Tastings by others (actually by my son and daughter-in-law - who had some fun with the wines and the ties): ''Both wines seem to be typical CA table wines. Fruity, cherry, without much of an arc to the experience. The wine is sweet on the nose and stays that way all the way thru the finish. All in all quite drinky.''

Booth Donkey and Elephant wines are California red wine blends, vinted and bottled by Schmor Wine Distributors, and sold separately along party lines, or (a dream come true) shipped half donkey and half elephant in peaceful coexistence.

Great gift idea! Humor those that think like you, or annoy those with a different view.

The Winedabbler's personal 2016 election preference is expressed in the last image.

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