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June 8, 2016

Unusual Places - The Stonehaus

Where else but in California can you find an establishment that has an English-German name; has a small vineyard planted where there once was a gas station; feels like a Viennese Heurigen but has German Hofbräu Haus unbrellas; serves mostly Italian specialties like pizza, paninis and Mediterranean salads, and has a guy with an electric guitar playing American tunes?

It is called The Stonehaus and it is in Westlake Village, CA. If you go there you will have to find your own table, sit on a hard picnic bench, get your own drinks, and place your food order at a counter.

We were there last Saturday afternoon, and in spite of the above inconveniences we had a blast and the place was rocking.

Apparently nobody cares about the Stonehaus' obvious identity issues.

Website: The Stonehaus

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