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May 4, 2016

Cork Screws

Slowly but surely screw caps are invading the world of wine, and it is probably not a bad thing. In the meantime we have to deal with what our ancestors and their ancestors had to deal with: The cork.

You need a tool to get it out of the bottle's neck, and the earliest one was a spiral shaped wire attached to a wooden handle. Over the years, as we have gotten lazier and whimpier, a plethora of contraptions which require less effort to extract the cork have been invented. Today the two most common cork screws are probably the wing opener and the waiter's opener.

Then there are those of us who try to avoid manual effort as much as possible, and thus the Winedabbler household went electric. Remove electric opener from charger, place above bottle with one hand, hold bottle with other hand so it does not turn, press the down button, voilá. Press up button to expel the cork from the opener.

The drawback of the electric opener (at least the one we have) is that it likes to avoid the center of the cork and, as it makes its way down along the glass, it tears some corks into pieces.

So now we have arrived at the Legacy Corkscrew. It is a monstrosity of a device, but if you have the room for it is the cat's meow. One pull at the handle, cork is out; one push at the handle and the cork is expelled - or back in the bottle if you like! It will relieve your wallet of about $100.00 for the opener and the stand, about $60.00 for the opener alone if you have a place to clamp it onto. Go to Google.com and type legacy corkscrew, and you will see a good number of places where you can get one.

Now here is where we come full circle. I once got caught in a hotel room with a bottle of wine and no opener. Ever since then, when I travel, right next to my toothpaste and aftershave is a $1.75 spiral shaped wire attached to a hollow plastic handle (which also serves as the storage for the screw part). Oh yes, I have used it quite a bit.

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