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March 9, 2016

The Decantiere

The Vagnbys Decantiere is a combination of wine aerator, no-drip pourer, filter and stopper. The packaging and the advertising claim it to be a seven-in-one device - a bit of a stretch in my opinion; four-in-one would have been good enough.

We have used ours for a while now, and here is the long and short of it:

So here is what's happening at the Winedabbler household: For a party, when we want to aerate several bottles at the same time, we use the Menu Wine Aerator. Other than that we use the Decantiere on pretty much every bottle of wine we drink at home.

Love it!

No, I don't get a commission.

Shopping info:
I know I can't hold you back from wanting one for yourself, so here is what you need to know: The Decantiere is marketed by Unbiased Wine. It has a list price is $49.99, but seems to be on sale right now for $44.95. It can be purchased at (surprise!) Amazon, and if you enter the promo code KBL9FCFB you will get a 10% discount.

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