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December 28, 2015

Power Wine Aeration

I received a Menu Wine Breather as a Christmas present. It claims to add 10 times ''more'' oxygen to your wine, but I am not sure what exactly that means - 10 times more than what? It also claims to add about 2 1/2 times more oxygen than the Vinturi Aerator, a device which we have used for years and which is available at many retailers.

We tried it out with a 2013 Nadia Cabernet Sauvignon (Santa Barbara, CA). After opening the bottle we poured one glass to have some non-aerated wine to compare.

To aerate the wine we followed the simple instructions: Put the carafe on top of the bottle, flip both around and the wine will flow into the carafe. When done flip both around again and the wine will flow back into the bottle - done.

We poured a glass and compared it to the ''before'' wine. There was a subtle but noticeable difference - the aerated wine was smoother, more so to the nose than to the taste.

A nice advantage of the Wine Breather is that you can aerate several bottles at one time. Disadvantage: Unlike the Vinturi Aerator it does not have a sieve to catch sediments.

The Wine Breather will not be able to convert a bad wine into a good one, but it can make a nice wine somewhat nicer, and you will have to decide for yourself if that's worth an investment of $50.00 + S&H.

If you get it as a gift keep it.

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