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December 9, 2015

Blind Tasting of Sparkling Wines

During our last visit to New Jersey our son Stephen decided to do a blind tasting of three sparkling wines. He bagged the bottles and then poured the first one for us to taste, then the second and finally the third one. His method was not following the winedabbler procedure for blind tasting, but I guess to each his own.

The really interesting aspect of this tasting became evident after the bottles were revealed. He had selected three markedly different sparkling wines from three different countries and three different vintages:

• 2012 Under the Wire, Alder Springs Vineyards, CA
• 2010 Sparkling Brut, Shelter Winery, Germany
• 2004 Champagne Brut, Dom Pérignon, France

Seven of us participated, and here are the results:
Under the Wire: one first place
Sparkling Brut: two first places
Dom Pérignon: two first places
• One person was disqualified (missed the second bottle)
• One person could not decide

After the tasting the remaining content was diligently consumed until all three bottles were completely empty, and this leads me to the only real conclusion of this otherwise inconclusive tasting:
All of us LOVE sparkling wine!

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